Myths about dried fruits

Myths about dried fruits:

1) Mistaken those, believe, that fruits contain less sugar and less calories. The truth is that, that when drying the fruit removes water, that is, it loses in mass and properties (breakdown of some unstable vitamins, eg, vitamin C.), but sugar and calories from it do not evaporate. So, if the apricot weighs 45 gram (about 12 kilocalories), then after him “transformation” in dried apricots weighing in 10 gram, energy value in it is already pulling on 15 kilocalories.

2) If you believe, that fresh fruit is more useful, than dried or frozen – you are wrong. Of the three above, the most valuable are fruits, which were subjected to shock freezing. Well, Of course, except for those, that brought you “grandmother from the village”.
Ask yourself a question: “How much time has passed since then, as a conditionally fresh fruit was plucked from a twig and fell into your hands?”. But frozen or dried fruit, subjected to heat treatment literally a few hours after collection. So, one can argue about the benefits “conditionally fresh” and heat-treated fruits.
Perhaps, on this “with tar” you can finish. Now about the benefits of dried fruit.