Benefits dried

1) Dried fruits contain more biologically active substances, compared with fresh fruit. By sutі, Tse concentrate, which contain calcium, magnesium, iron and other valuable substances.

2) Dried fruit “activity”: Papaya (candied fruit) – provides a restorative effect, activates protein metabolism, krіm order, is a great “ingredient” to enhance sexual activity. Dried figs – wonderful energotonika. Increases efficiency, contains a substance similar to the action of aspirin, so many people, dates taken for colds and headaches. Krіm order, in dried figs too many vitamins, this vitamin B5, and vitamin E and H.

Atmospheric pear – normalizes bowel, Another useful feature is inherent with pears, It helps to eliminate toxins and heavy metals from the body. Apricots or dried apricots, no matter how called dried apricots, undoubtedly one, it's just a fountain of nutrients. Naukova brought, Dried apricots that have a positive effect on the heart muscle, by potassium, krіm order, apricots excellent prevention of cancer. As part of this “wonderful dried fruit” – phosphorus, iron, calcium, carotene, Vitamin V5.Inzhir – preventive cure for cancer, normalize the activity of the thyroid gland.

Krіm order, dried figs helps to eliminate parasites from the intestine, пише журнал It is used as a folk remedy to treat bronchitis. Prunes – another gift of nature to your health. Perhaps, the first thing a beneficial effect dried plums – is the gastrointestinal tract. Infusion of prunes helps to get rid of constipation and normalization of the digestive system. Well before, čornosliv useful and team, who has heart problems and high blood pressure. Krіm order, considered that prunes useful for kidney disease, revmatizmі, liver disease and atherosclerosis. Thanks to the high concentration of vitamin A, it also improves vision.