Dried Fruits – valuable food

About those, that dried – valuable food, was known in ancient times. These are the findings of archaeologists and writing. Nowadays dried experiencing a rebirth. Because only now, when health care was good manners, and our love for sweets and not going anywhere fade, finally opened for us a truly unique properties of this magical goodies.

Concentrate nutrients

Dried Fruits – is dehydrated to 20 percentage of fresh fruit. Therefore calorie dried fruit is very large – the average 275 Kcal. of 100 m. This 3-5 times more, than in the original fruit, and, 65% calories provided by carbohydrate dried.

In no dyes dried fruits, stabilizers, emulsifiers, nitrites, etc.. They are the natural biodobavkoyu.Zvychayno, during drying of vitamins inevitably lost, but valuable minerals, such, as calcium, iron, sodium and magnesium, and cellulose and pectin, remain in full. Because fruits – a true natural concentrate of nutrients. So, eg, Only 50 g of dried cherries able to meet the daily needs of cobalt, vitamin B6 and magnesium, and some fruits dried apricots – potassium and iron.

If you eat a day for five pieces of prunes, figs, dates or dried apricots, you can forget about bowel problems: they contain vegetable fibers counteract constipation and regulate the gastrointestinal tract. Krіm order, after 10 days of this diet posvizhiye person, strengthened nails and hair, and is due to the high calcium content in dried fruits.

Sweet, but not Zukor

Often, many of us have a desire to – treat yourself to something delicious. As a rule, This resulted in going to taste sweet and pushes to extremes, eg, to purchase a cake or a box of chocolates. It is better to keep on hand dried. They're sweet, but they are not quite the sugar, we used to call “white death”, and more harmless variants – fructose and glucose. These carbohydrates do not raise insulin levels in the blood, as usual sweets. That is why they can be combined with fats, even keeping separate power supply.

Let calorie fruits, but, unlike sweet desserts, they are a valuable food product, rather than a source of “empty calories”. If the choice between chocolate, piece of cake and dried fruits, then the third option, certainly, will be more healthy and less dangerous for the figure.

Good dried fruit

All fruits are extremely useful, but each – in its own.

Dates, as an energy source, superior to other fruits. They contain all the vitamins, окрім E і H, but many of them especially B5, which increases efficiency and enhances concentration. In addition, these dried fruits identified substances, similar in structure to aspirin. Ancient healers used them to treat colds and headaches.

Figs – delicious and nutritious food, which normalizes the activity of the thyroid gland, and prevents the development of cancer cells, as evidenced by scientific evidence. Figs contain enzymes, stimulating digestion. In folk medicine, it has been successfully used to remove intestinal parasites and treat bronchitis.

Raisins are well absorbed by the body and has many healing properties. Its include in diet in diseases of the cardiovascular system. Raisins are very useful for children and people with poor health, as improves immunity. Raisins contain high amounts of boron, which prevents osteoporosis, as in its deficit disturbed assimilation of calcium. It is also high in potassium, magnesium and manganese, which required thyroid.

Dried apricots (Apricot) contributes to the child's body and has a strengthening effect on the body doroslyh.Vona contains sugars, organic acids – salícilovu, apple, lemons, provitamin A (carotene), Vitamins C and B. Dried apricots are rich in potassium and lick. It has a curative effect for obesity, diseases of the cardiovascular system and kidneys. And with vegetable fibers apricots perfectly cleanses the intestines.

Prunes have a high popularity rating among dried fruits and is in great demand because of its nutritional value and taste. If the humidity exceeds prunes 25%, then it is treated with acid sorbitovoy, which is a natural preservative and completely digested. Prunes rich ballast substances, and B vitamins. It optimizes carbohydrate metabolism, eliminates anxiety, increases resistance to stress.

First, than eat

Before use, carefully wash fruits, then soak for one to two hours in cold water: in this case they are better zasvoyatsya. If you want to make a dried fruit compote, then fill with boiling water and cover tightly, a weld should not be. Since all fruits are classified concentrates, need to use them sparingly. This applies to dates and figs – in large quantities, they can trigger headaches.

Note, scho pineapple, papaya, mango and some other fruits, are now a large number sold in stores, dried fruits are not in the true sense of the word. This candied, as their first zatsukrovuyut and then dried.

The undoubted advantages

A small amount of dried saves space in the kitchen and does not require cumbersome tary.Suhofrukty long can be stored at room temperature. They do not lose their properties during the year. The only requirement: in any case do not hold them in polyethylene, better put it in linen bag, previously soaked in a strong brine, and then dried. This will protect them from decay. Dried convenient to take to the road, on vacation or at work – techut not stink, not crumple and thus fit into any bag.

To avoid overeating, before lunch or dinner snack dried fruits. They contain simple carbohydrates quickly penetrate the brain and creates a feeling of satiety.