logoDried fruits Zakarpattya – This is a real piece of Transcarpathia, where we try to use environmentally friendly fruit, around us to produce high quality dried fruits. Since dried apples from our own farm. After the business has grown to produce dried fruits all year round, including fruit, such as dried pears and prunes. Our company has set a goal to offer our worldwide customers only the best, Popular fruits and products, top-class, Premium quality. In printsipі, We abandoned the use of additives, colorants and flavor enhancers, to make our products as much as possible the natural.

Our distribut, and working closely with manufacturers around the world can realize our ideas, regarding the quality and relevance of all goods even in the initial stage of production to the European level. Our targets, make our products as a natural, without using preservatives or additives. We create products for healthy and natural food. Fruits are environmentally friendly and have natural taste and. Only use fresh fruit and processed and then dried, when ripe for full flavor. Dried Transcarpathia is a supplier of dried fruit wholesale and retail. You can trust our experience, to get the freshest and most delicious dried fruits and prunes.


  • To e 100% product assurance
  • Ekologíčno pure raw materials
  • Only natural products
  • Responsible Service Delivery
  • Quality throughout, what we do
  • Available Cina
  • Environmentally friendly and natural products