Fruitiness pilaf

Rice – 2 cup, Migdal, light raisins, dried apricots, prunes or other dried fruit – Only 8 Article. l., schіpka solі, Oil and religious Cukor for the end.

At the bottom of the pot, place washed and dried pitted zashparennye (best big chop), Sprinkle the washed rice and fill it with water, that it was in 1-2 cm above the contents of the pot. Cook in the oven at 190 °. When the rice is ready, Add sugar to taste. Mix and, disabling fire, Leave the lid in the oven cools to 10-15 Minutes. Before serving, add the oil.

Such dietary meal is useful for everyone. If your loved ones tired of the usual porridge for breakfast, You can replace it and fruity pilaf. It energized the whole day!