Porridge with banana and dried fruit

Ingredients recipe: Porridge with banana and dried fruit 1) 3 tablespoons of oat flakes; 2) 100 g.vod; 3) a handful of dried fruit; 4) banana; 5) Covers for Smak; Preparation: Porridge with banana and dried fruits are several ways of cooking porridge. You can simply pour the prepared cereal yogurt and put them on the night, approximate proportion ½. If no time you can simply pour boiling water and wait 10 Minutes. But the most useful porridge for the stomach and intestines, it boiled porridge. Oat flakes washed, remove husks and debris. If we take good quality oatmeal they are clean and cleaned, in this case they do not need washing. Robiti porridge on porcíjno 1 every kastrulku pour water, lead to kipínnâ, and pour flakes. Pіslya boiling, make quieter fire, and lightly stir porridge, School starts mash gusnuti, add raisins, apricots, čornosliv and dried curd, then, Pour milk and continue cooking about 5-7 min, I will not mess Pokey odnorіdnoyu. Spread on a plate, top chopped banana and sprinkle with cinnamon. Bon appetite!