What is the use of dried?

Many selects fruits, as well as fresh fruit, preferring those, which look beautiful. Is the correct approach? Often say, dried fruit that is as helpful, as well as fresh fruit. In fact, dried fruits – this is not quite the fruit, from which it had. It is much less vitamin C, and water is only 20-25% But in all other dried fruits may be more, than fresh. For example, a lot more sugar dried fruits, – says Alexander Miller, dietician and PhD. – It is not well, sugars from fruits are very high in calories. Plus some dried fruit sugar adds extra. But, on the other hand, they have many advantages and. After all, they are a concentrated source of many vitamins, macro- and micronutrients, antioxidants and fiber.

The term "dried fruit" simplifies our understanding of these products. Often they are drying apart even further conservation, to avoid spoiling. Often used as a preservative substance from sorbic acid (E200-202). Fortunately, they are among the safest – Some experts even believe them useful for immunity. But in sulfur dioxide and sulphites (additives E220, E221, E225, E226), which is also treated with some dried fruit, worse reputation. Why they are used?

Dried Fruits – is dried naturally or industrially berries and fruits. Residual moisture content of dried fruits – about 20%. Drying of fruits and berries – one of the most affordable ways to store them, that allows you to save the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals. Dried Fruits – valuable food.

The structure consists of dried fruits:
vitamins – A, B1, B2; B3; B5; B6, P
minerals – iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, natrіy
a large number of useful carbohydrates – fructose and glucose
organic acids
ballast substances – pectin.
Dried fruits have a positive impact on human health, they are indispensable in everyday medical and nutrition.

The most famous fruits:
Dried apricots – dried apricots, apricots, Kaysen
dried grapes – raisins
Dried plums – prunes.
To produce dried using most famous fruit and berries – apples, pears, cherry, dates, fig, Crane, blueberries, ožina, raspberries, wild rose and other.

An interesting and useful information about dried fruits

Why take the road dried? – Dried occupy little space in the travel bag, but they are enough calories, to satisfy his hunger and even reduce the insatiable appetite. Krіm order, Calories, they contain, not so bad, in sweets and chocolate.

Raisins – many believe, that good golden raisins made from grapes light, and brown – with dark. Tse is not so. Almost all of raisins usually produce varieties of light. But when drying the berries much darker, and, to loosen it, use sulfites. Stabilizing golden color, they work and preservatives.

Sulfite used in various dried fruits, and it is important to know, they are there or not. After all, experts recommend fruits of these preservatives must be washed with hot water. At our packages extremely rare to find mention of sulphites, and, not to be mistaken, Wash all fruits before eating. And if they are golden and beautiful, the more.

Dried apricots dried apricots we commonly call. This is not entirely correct. Dried apricots – This is only one kind of "suhoabrikosov". This fruit cut in half, which removed the bones. There are dried apricots with seeds – apricots and apricot, including bone squeezed out, – Kaisa. But these subtleties are only required on the market. The stores usually sold dried in ready packages, and these terms are rarely used. Remember, that not the most beautiful gold and not dried apricots may be the most natural – without sulfites are often grayish and faded.

Almost medicine

Prunes – Dried plum usual. It regulates the bowels, competing on the effectiveness of medicines, and contains a lot of useful antioxidants. Better to buy it without preservatives in transparent bags, to see them. Berries should be shiny, black and juicy. Brown shade says, that prunes no better, perhaps, it was treated with hot water before drying.

Dried fruits of pineapple, papayї, mango and other tropical fruits look very bright, as candy. Often it happens like them and cherries. By sutі, they are much closer to the candied. They literally soaked in sugar, some even boiled in sugar syrup. Often they are added to the mix of real dried fruit. And if you follow the weight and sitting on a diet, you need to know, just so «exotic» not just kalorіyna, and superkalorіyna.

A few simple rules of buying dried fruits:

Sometimes fruits are dirty factory packaging and look a little wet or greasy. Often it happens with prunes or bananas. As a rule, This is not a defect of the product, simply him sometimes add vegetable oil. Dried fruits hold in your hand, estimate the density; it must be flexible. Overdried dried fruits wrong or stored for a long time.