How to choose fruits?

How to choose fruits?

The store prefer dried fruits in their original packaging. But they do not rule out chemical treatment – Âk rule, sulfur dioxide and sorbic acid. Taste the product on the market. Excessive dryness indicates a violation of the conditions of manufacture or storage, guilty (burnt) flavor – about insufficient quality processing of raw materials. The pulp of dried fruits easily absorbs harmful exhausts, so don't buy them on the side of the road!

The color of dried fruits is also important:

  • too bright color of dried apricots – treatment with sulfur dioxide;
  • golden color raisin – obrobka sulfіtami;
  • dark gray anthracite hue prunes – obrobka glіtserinom.

"Correct" fruits often look imperceptibly – because in the process of drying raw material gets darker and wrinkled.

Before use, carefully wash fruits, to clear them of dirt and remove chemicals, which they, perhaps, treated in the drying process.