Dried Fruits

image1Since ancient times, people have searched for ways to preserve food and to maintain all their beneficial properties. In the nature there are such products, that not only do not lose their nutritional and medicinal properties during prolonged storage, but only increases their nutritional value. These products are well-known and long loved – dried. Many think, fruits that lose their utility as after processing and drying. Yak time navpaki, they not only remain as useful, but also become more micronutrients. So what is the benefit of dried fruits? Benefits dried unique, as dried fruits fruits and berries, Âk rule, not only retain all their beneficial properties and substances, but even multiply. For example, in kurazі kalіyu, phosphorus, magnesium and iron contained much more, A series of svížih abrikosah.

Dried fruits retain all the beneficial properties of fresh fruit. Thus we are able to obtain nutrients not only in summer, but all year round. Dried fruits are to concentrated products, they should be used sparingly, before use preferably soak. With dried out useful, smační compotes, enough to fill them with boiling water and close the lid tightly, then they become soft and give all their nutrients. If you add sugar, then the natural taste of fruits lost. Much better to add a little honey. Bedtime helpful eat pureed fruits through a meat grinder, can of tea, it will help you calm zasnuty.Chym same beneficial fruits?

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