Benefits of dried fruit and recipes cooking with them

In the kitchen of almost any country, Yea Depressurize s dried fruit. They combine with meat and fish, s rice i kartopleyu, used in ferment vegetables. Here are some simple recipes for every day:

  • in the morning many of us eat porridge, in this case, all its useful properties can be increased, adding a handful of dried fruit, can be of one kind, and you can have several, to your taste, also dried fruits can be added to yogurt, cheese and even, cornflakes and muesli;
  • pilaf with dried fruits: we take fig, cook it, 10 minutes before cooking, add dried fruits scalded with boiling water, mix, while adding sugar and butter, if you want to get more crumbly pilaf – cook it in the oven;
  • you can just eat dried fruit for dessert, but it's not interesting, is not it? Try adding nuts and honey to dried fruits, tasty and useful in all respects. It turned out very simple and very tasty treats for sweet tooth, and most importantly, insanely useful.

Not for nothing in many diets, dried fruits are not only allowed, but also recommended for use. They contain more than just glucose, but also extremely rich in minerals and vitamins. It turns out sweet, and useful, and delicious.