Honey cake with prunes and walnuts

Making honey cake with prunes:

Cakes for the cake I baked in the shape of a diameter 28 cm. In a small saucepan rub eggs with sugar. Fray eggs with sugar. Add butter there, soda lime honey and vinegar or lemon juice. Add the butter and honey. Put in a water bath and, stirring constantly, hold until dissolved sugar and butter. We put in a water bath and add lime soda. Once the mass is smooth, remove the pan from the water bath and add honey to pre-sifted flour weight. Add flour. The dough mix with a spoon and put on 5-6 year. sour. Dough is ready. Then divide the dough on 5 parts. Every part put in greased form, stretching arms across the plane. To more easily taught dough, periodically moisten hands in water. Bake in preheated to 180 ° C oven on the upper tier for 10-12 min., until the cake is not good zarum'yanytsya. Bake cakes. Of the five received a cake cake cake use for spreading. Cakes are ready. For this cake break into small pieces and dry in the upper tier oven temperature 150 FROM. Then chop the dried pieces on crumb. Crushed dried cake. Nuts and knife chop prunes. Crushed nuts and prunes. Sour cream with sugar and beat with a mixer visually divided into 4 parts. Three parts will go to shifting cakes, and 4th - to grease the top and sides of cake.
Beat cream with sugar. Korzh smear cream. Peremaschuyemo cream cakes. At present cream nuts and prunes. Put the cream on prunes and nuts. Nuts and prune back lightly grease cream. Cover the cake and repeat the following procedure. The top layer of the cream again. Share latter cake, top and sides of cake smear cream, Remaining, and sprinkle crumbs. Postaviti cake in the fridge for 12-24 year. Honey cake with prunes and walnuts ready. Honey cake with prunes and walnuts ready. Hope, Enjoy. Bon appetite!